Linux Systems and Networks Engineer

Key informations


Online services

Partially eligible for teleworking



Linux Redhat, CentOS

Scripting language: Python, Bash

Standard: TCP/IP, SNMP, proxy, mail, DNS, HTTP, LDAP


BAC +5

> 5 years

About IT Link

IT Link is a digital service company specialist in connected systems.

IT Link has innovated along with major industry and services actors for 35 years.

Our mission: to develop connected systems to optimize and create today's and tomorrow's products and services.

Our know-how lays on 8 expertise centres at the heart of connected systems:

  • Sensors and integrated intelligence
  • Telecommunications and IoT
  • Data valuing
  • Mobile applications
  • Operational security and cybersecurity
  • Business and web information systems
  • Systems engineering
  • Change management and new user experience


To become a Linker means:

  • To rely on 13 offices in Europe, Morocco and in Canada, an advanced and technical management and 4 R&D centres "made in France"
  • To integrate and to participate to the development of a company rapidly growing
  • To create a personal career path equal to your ambitions
  • To join a community by telling your best practices and sharing convivial moments

Certified Great Place To Work in 2019 and 2021, we are a company that emphasizes our proximity on our 675 co-workers and on the technological innovation (autonomous vehicles, smart cities, future biomedicine, SmartApps...)

Job description

As part of the development of our activities in Toulouse, we are looking for a System and Network Engineer (we have several similar opportunities throughout France).

Your main activities will be the following:

Investigation and integration part:

  • Investigation of material and software functioning
  • Tests plan construction
  • Results report
  • Definition and writing of installation processes
  • Scripting development and integration (Python, Bash)
  • Technological watch realization

Support part:

  • Realization of tech (level 3) and expert support besides internal teams


Graduated from a master's degree, you have a significant experience in a similar job.

Here are the necessary technical skills:

  • Systems skills: Linux, Redhat, CentOS (management, configuration, installation, deployment)
  • Scripting languages: Python, Bash
  • Standard: TCP/IP, SNMP, proxy, mail, DNS, HTTP, LDAP
  • Troubleshooting: strace, tcpdump/wireshark

With equal skills, this job is opened to disabled people.

Recruitment process

At our company the recruitment process is efficient, personalized, and simple.

It consists in the following steps:

  • The first meeting with the recruiter who is responsible for this position
  • The second meeting with the Business Manager who will follow the recruitment process in detail
  • Support for the client's meeting: we take the time to present the context and technical expectations of the project to you. When you are at the meeting with the client, we are always there for you. It is the moment to discover the environment of the project which you are going to work on
  • Is the feedback positive? Well done! We finalize the administrative procedures and welcome you among the Linkers thanks to our personalized integration course!

Arthur Gidon

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much"

Some advantages of working at IT Link

100% digital health insurance and restaurant vouchers

100% covered public transport subscription

Personalized career management and training

Moving assistance

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