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Our teams are present in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Canada and Morocco

Connext'25 strategic plan

By launching its Connext'25 plan in January 2021, IT Link Group is reaffirming its ambition to be a leader in connected systems based on a sustainable and committed development model.


Our Vision

The "all connected" is growing rapidly and is radically changing the way we consume, work, travel, entertain and live.

At the heart of this revolution, connected systems provide answers to the major challenges facing our society today: climate change, health crises, security of goods and people, education and equal opportunities.

Thanks to digital technology, companies are becoming more agile and changing their business models to achieve sustainable and profitable growth.


IT Link

Become a Linker and take part in the connected systems revolution!

Our values and ambitions:

Continuous innovation

As experts in connected systems, we recognize the opportunity to have a positive impact on the world. That's why we are committed to imagining and deploying the connected systems of tomorrow, in order to meet the major environmental, societal, economic and technological challenges facing us.

Promoting excellence

For 35 years, IT Link has been recognized as an expert in embedded systems, software development and connected systems. To maintain this level of excellence, the Group relies on a strong culture of innovation and on the career development of each Linker. Throughout their career, Linkers are supported by four R&D centers and communities of experts in all areas of connected systems.

86% of Linkers believe that the quality of service delivered to our customers is EXCELLENT (source: Great Place to Work 2023 survey).

Supporting responsible and sustainable innovation

IT Link is committed to working with its customers on high value-added projects for sustainable mobility, security of goods and people, energy efficiency and many other major challenges of our time. We have always been aware that our ability to innovate and have a positive impact on the world is an opportunity, but also a responsibility. That's why IT Link is committed to education and equal opportunity, so that future generations can in turn build the future.

Driven by the Linkers, the IT Link Group is continuously strengthening its social, societal and environmental commitments.


Planet Tech Care

Equality between men and women:

In 2024, IT Link France published for the 6th consecutive year the results of the Gender Equality Index resulting from the law Freedom to choose one's professional future of August 2018. The total score for 2023 is 90/100



IT Link is a partner of MicroDon and the Epic Foundation and offers its French Linkers a Rounding of Salary program to benefit two associations working for youth, education and equal opportunities: the Télémaque Institute and the Carolina for Kibera association. Other causes that Linkers support: Movember and Pink October !

Responsible digital :

IT Link is committed to responsible digital technology by signing the Planet Tech'Care charter.

ISO 9001

ISO 9001 certification